Agadir Green City Action Plan: Launch and Stakeholder session


Date: Wednesday 13 December 2023
Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm (local time)
Register: please e-mail [email protected]


The official launch event and the first stakeholder engagement workshop of the Agadir Green City Action Plan (GCAP) will be divided into two sessions over the course of the day:


Session 1: Public Launch Event (am)

This first session will begin with speeches from representatives of the Region, the City, and the EBRD, followed by presentations on the scope of the GCAP, its development process and the main deliverables. The City’s planned path towards a greener future will also be presented.


Session 2: First stakeholder engagement meeting (pm)

This second session will provide an introduction to the Agadir GCAP process to stakeholders by presenting the different phases of GCAP development, and explaining how stakeholders will be engaged for the development of the Agadir GCAP.



A Green City Action Plan (GCAP) will articulate Agadir's sustainability challenges with the aim of addressing its most pressing environmental challenges. The GCAP will serve as a tool to prepare and finance sustainable urban infrastructure developments.


The preparation of the Agadir Green City Action Plan is funded by the Netherlands under the High Impact Partnership for Climate Action (HIPCA).

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