Mediaș Green City Action Plan: 4th Stakeholder Consultation


Date: 25 July 2023

Time: 10.00 - 13.00 (local time)

Location: Daniel Thellmann room, Mediaș City Hall (registration from 09:30) 


The Municipality of Mediaș is pleased to inform about the 4th Stakeholder Consultation event of the Green City Action Plan (GCAP) project for the city of Mediaș. The GCAP identifies the most pressing environmental and climate challenges of the City and defines the measures, namely investments and policy actions that need to be taken in order to address these challenges.


This initiative is part of the Green Cities Programme implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. RWA Group – Arcadis consortium are the consultants working together with the Municipality to develop the GCAP and will co-host this event.


The event will bring together representatives from municipal technical departments and local key stakeholders including representatives of public companies, business associations, academia, civil society and other interested stakeholders.


The purpose of this event is to present and discuss the developed GCAP actions and collect stakeholders’ feedback prior to finalising the document and submitting it for City Council approval.  


If you have any questions regarding the event or the Mediaș GCAP, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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