Wałbrzych GCAP Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Workshop


Date: 26 November 2021


The Wałbrzych GCAP programme is currently in the process of preparing a city Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, which will include data collected through a series of workshops with local stakeholders. The first workshop will be held face-to-face in Wałbrzych on 26 November 2021 in the Old Collard.


The aim of the workshop is to discuss the key challenges for Wałbrzych, assess the city's risk sensitivity and analyse the impact of external factors. The analysis will be then used to develop a plan covering the various activities to be implemented in the city to accelerate its sustainable development.


Workshops will be divided into five thematic groups: 

  • Spatial planning, city development conditions, biodiversity, environmental and climate protection. 
  • Energy, housing, housing management, thermal modernisation, housing and property management. 
  • Transport, public transport and bicycle paths, logistics, smart city. 
  • Water and sewage management, sewage system, retention, waste management. 
  • Tourism and city revitalisation. 


Stakeholders invited for the workshop include representatives of the City departments and municipal utility services providers as well as private businesses and state-owned energy companies.


The workshop will provide an important input to the GCAP.


Information about the workshop and its outcomes will be shared through the city's social media channels to keep residents up to date with the progress on GCAP.

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